Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. Compliance. Cross-border aspects about the laws of succession ( before and after succession). Employment law.

In a lot of our areas of competence we get in touch with legal issues.  The only ones that can help are experts. We have contacts to lawyers with international, Luxembourgish and German focus. (Disclaimer: Finance et Mediation S.A gives no legal advice. Because of professional regulations this is reserved only for the in Luxembourg established lawyers.)

Your Company under the supervision of the Luxembourgish financial authority has to fulfill certain requirements, such as regular trainings of your employees. Our Lecturers are Lawyers and subject matter experts of compliance, who will convey relevant topics in a surround understanding and practical way.

Your company in the finance sector permanently has to implement new legal and regulatory requirements. Use our knowledge for the training of your employees.

The process of succession, if in a corporate or private matter, can occupy many. It is very important to find the right approach to this subject. We accompany you with our competent network: Lawyers with a lot of experience in transborder succession laws will support you in your arrangements.

You have to find solutions with tailor-made AML-training, compliance, law of succession or employment law? Just get in touch, we can help you with our competent network of lawyers.