Introduction and operating of a whistleblowing system.
Smart sourcing for all UCITS an ManCo’s by www.whistleblowing.lu

By setting into force the Law of 10th Mai 2016 to implement the UCITS regulation by article 32 the Law of 17th Dezember 2010  relating to undertakings for collective investment a new article 149teris inserted. By paragraph (4) of this article all undertakings in collective Investments, the Management companies, the custodians and all parties envolved with the administration of undertakings in collective Investments have to provide for their members of staff a system the can be used to disclose any anomalies and breaches against this law. This System must be specific, independant and autonomous.
We address the service offer „Whistleblowing“, very common for banks and anglo-saxon jurisdictions, to UCITS management companies in Luxembourg that have to implement a whistleblowing procedure to be compliant with the new UCITS5 reguglation.

See Whistleblowing.lu

  • Smart sourcing of the implementation of a compliance-relevant regulation.
  • Initial module: Supply of process descriptions and training presentations for employees and sourcing partners
  • Anonymous and independent acceptance of incidents by an external contact
  • Discrete handling of the information by your chosen contact (compliance-Officer)
  • Usage also for participating Sourcing partners of your value chain
  • Access to experiences of a long-standing partner in compliance issues
  • Supply of process desription for “Whistleblowing” added to your organization manual ( under individual inclusion of your personal information from the choosen contact, for example compliance management or compliance officer)
  • Supply of the presentation “Whistleblowing” as an instruction for your employees or to complete your compliance training
  • Providing specific trainings
  • Supply of the anonymous external whistleblowing function on www.whisleblowing.lu
  • Identification of the company by an assigned identifier
  • Communication channels: postal address, hotline 24/7, www.whistleblowing.lu
  • Annual overview of whistleblowing incidents (mandadory reporting indicator related to chapter 6 of the Impact study (SWD(2015) 293 final) of the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/438 of the Commission)
  • Minimum contract period 3 years, extends automatically for 1 year

You are looking for support for your Organisation to implement a whistleblowing system  or you wish a smart sourcing by having an external whistleblowing Agent. Feel free to contact us – we have the solution.

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